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Friday, February 23, 2018


My next lecture is prepared, but I continue to tinker with it, searching for ways to present a plausible literary analysis to folks many of whom have not read the text being analysed.  The temptation, to which I fear I have somewhat succumbed, is to read out passages.  I mean, who wants to hear Wolff when they can hear Marx?  Tomorrow evening the CCRC where I live is screening Amadeus [with free popcorn.]  At least Milos Forman could play Mozart's music in the background while the plot unfolds.


We are now having a national conversation about the desirability of restricting the purchase of semi-automatic assault rifles to private citizens twenty-one and older, a step considered so radical that Republican politicians willing to consider the idea are presented to us as profiles in courage.  [By the bye, John F. Kennedy's Pulitzer Prize winning book of the same name was actually written by aide Ted Sorenson, a fact so rich in irony The Onion could not have conceived it.]  I suppose it is beyond the reach of modern technology to design a weapon that is capable of killing only supporters of the NRA and that fires rosebuds at anyone else, but I can dream.

The protesting teenagers raise my spirits, although I do not believe they will prevail.  On the other hand, if they can inspire a national movement among the demographic least likely to vote, they could perhaps work some miracles.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Now that I have recovered from my big trip west and have finished doing the family taxes, it is time to prepare for Lecture Four.  As I indicated at the end of Lecture Three, I must confront the conundrum of Capital Volume I, and more particularly the mystifying opening chapters.  Why did Marx write that way?  Quite naturally, I shall start with the famous opening sentence of Pride and Prejudice.  This will lead me to a story about the Cub Scouts, followed by reflections on the Altar and the Throne.  Then, as you might anticipate, I shall pay an imaginary visit to my local supermarket, all of which will enable me to explicate the opening two sentences of Chapter One of Volume I of Capital.  Everyone ready?

Tuesday, February 20, 2018


I am back from a five day family gathering in Palm Springs, where my son, Tobias, has a second home.  It was a grand event, made notable by the fact that my twelve year old grandson, Samuel, undertook at lunch one day to ask me about philosophy and religion!  I am clearly entering a new phase of grandparenthood.

While I was away, Robert Mueller indicted a slew of unreachable Russians, detailing in the indictment something of the scope of official Russian meddling in the 2016 election.  Also, almost as an afterthought, he announced a guilty plea from someone so obscure as to make George Papadopoulos seem like a media star.  The talking heads are all going on about the Russian indictments.  I want to focus on the nonentity.  You will of course understand that what follows is the sheerest speculation.  Nevertheless, I would be prepared to place a small bet that at least some of my speculation is on the money.  Here are quotes from two news stories that give us what little information we have:

“Separately, Mueller’s office announced that Richard Pinedo, of Santa Paula, California, had pleaded guilty to identity fraud. Pinedo, 28, admitted to running a website that offered stolen identities to help customers get around the security measures of major online payment sites. It was not made clear whether his service had been used by the Russian operatives.”

“Though Friday's news linked Pinedo to the ever-expanding investigation into Russia's role in President Trump's election night victory, his attorney painted him as an unwitting accomplice who has been cooperative ever since he was contacted by investigators.  ‘He was obviously shocked and his response was to acknowledge his wrongdoing, take responsibility and assist the special counsel's office in their investigation,’ attorney Jeremy Lessem said in an interview with The Times.”

Nobody has ever heard of Richard Pinedo, or so the news reports say.  But I would bet that at least one person has heard of Richard Pinedo and is sweating bullets.  Let me explain.  The Trump campaign tapped a firm named Cambridge Analytica to handle its data mining operations.  Here is what Wikipedia tells us:  Cambridge Analytica (CA) is a privately held company that combines data mining and data analysis with strategic communication for the electoral process. It was created in 2013 as an offshoot of its British parent company SCL Group to participate in American politics.”  Data mining is the new hi tech technique for micro-targeting voters in an election.  The 2008 Obama campaign brought the tactic to a new height of sophistication, and it has since then been a standard part of big league political campaigns.  Robert Mueller subpoenaed documents from Cambridge Analytica last December.  The data mining effort in the Trump campaign was headed up by Jared Kushner.

The manipulation of social media undertaken by the Russians faced two problems:  First, buying FaceBook ads and such leaves a money trail, and it is a crime for foreigners to engage in activities designed to affect an American election.  The origin of the money can be hidden by identity theft.  Enter Richard Pinedo.  Second, the Russians needed extensive databases of voters in selected locales in order to micro-target their efforts.  Enter the Cambridge Analytica Trump campaign.

If I am right, someone in Cambridge Analytica, working under Jared Kushner’s direction, recruited an efficient identity thief to steal some identities – credit cards and such – for use by the Russians, and then turned over data files to the Russians for their pro-Trumpm efforts.  That person does indeed recognize the name “Richard Pinedo.”  What is more, that person, and everyone involved with him or her, is guilty of conspiracy to commit a crime.  Never mind collusion, which talking heads endlessly tell us is not a crime.  Conspiracy very definitely is.

Which raises the obvious question:  Will Jared Kushner roll over on his father-in-law, who was certainly kept apprised of everything being done by the Russians?  Or will he choose to go to jail, as his father did?

I can hardly wait to find out.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


I shall return next Tuesday with news of the West Coast.


With the third lecture up on YouTube and gathering views, my mind naturally has turned to Lecture Four.  There will however be a one week hiatus, because early tomorrow I fly to the west coast for a gathering of my entire extended family:  my big sister Barbara, my two sons Patrick and Tobias, my daughter-in-law Diana, and my two grandchildren Samuel and Athena.  I return late Monday, so the next lecture on Marx will be on February 26th.  This gives me time to mull over a fundamental problem I face for which there is no natural solution.

As I indicated at the end of Lecture Three, I will now turn to Capital itself, and my first task is to answer the complex and deeply important question: Why did Marx write that way?  I have, I believe, an entirely new and important answer, in the explication of which I must engage in a literary critical analysis of the opening chapters of the book.  Not a problem, you may say.  But I have no reason to believe that either the twenty or so people in the room or the many more viewers in the Cloud have ever read Volume I of Capital.  Imagine carrying out a deep literary analysis of The Brothers Karamazov or Moby Dick for an audience that has never read the book! 

I can read passages aloud, of course, but there is a limit to how much of that people will put up with.  What to do?  I am struggling with the answer, and in a week and a half you will be able to see whether I have handled this problem.

Now I must stop blogging, because it is time for me to sign in exactly twenty-four hours before my flight with Southwest to get my number in the boarding queue.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Here it is, the third lecture on the Thought of Karl Marx.  If I can keep the masses coming back after this one, I am home free.