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Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Well, I seem to have a new bff at OurRevolution.  He answered my response to his response, and suggested I go to this site.  If you sign up, as I did, you will probably get a message indicating that they are not quite ready for the rollout, but I think it will put your name in the system.  They are concentrating on getting people involved locally, where they live, which is just right, in my view.  They are trying to be as inclusive as possible, and my guess is that a few weeks of President Trump will persuade those on the left that this is the time for a United Front.  [Lord, I have been through this before.]

So follow the link, sign up, and wait for the big rollout.

This is the best news I have had in a while.  Bernie really is the only person right now with the name recognition and following and money-raising capacity to make something national happen.

It isn't romantic, but it is the best way forward.


Ed Barreras said...

On the topic of taking action...

I would like to invite everyone here to consider boycotting Simon & Schuster over their decision to offer a book deal to Milo Yiannopoulos, and just as importantly, to write and call Simon & Schuster letting them know of your intentions .

Of course, boycotts run the risk of giving publicity to those who don't deserve it. But in this case, alas, it appears to be too late to starve the beast.

With the help of Simon & Schuster's publicity machine, Yiannopolous is poised to become a right-wing celebrity on par with Ann Coulter -- only Yiannopolous is a good deal worse. He is Ann Coulter for the Trump era. And yes, that's as horrific as it sounds.

Back in March, Yiannopoulos co-wrote a lengthy article for Breitbart titled "An Establishment Republican's Guide to the Alt-Right." The piece is a sort of manifesto, offering a celebratory take on the coalition of white nationalists and internet trolls that make up the alt-right -- precisely the kind of people whose antics were considered anathema in public life until virtually a year ago.

In July, Yiannopoulos was permanently banned from Twitter for leading a campaign of racist harassment against the African-American actress Leslie Jones. During that episode, he re-tweeted a phony tweet that was falsely attributed to Jones, letting his followers believe it represented Jones's actual words. The text of that tweet reads: "tha goddamn kikes at sony aint paid me yet! damn bix nood better pay up!!!"

In case you aren't familiar with the term "bix nood", it is piece of lingo developed in the racist cesspool of 4chan. Basically, it stands for a kind of exaggerated gibberish that white racists like to mockingly attribute to African-Americans. (Google the term and you'll immediately be met with a revolting cartoon from which the term purportedly originated.)

As you can see, Yiannopolous makes no attempt to conceal his racism in innuendo and dog whistles. In that regard he represents a departure from past forms of right-wing punditry. In fact, Yiannopoulos openly applauds his followers engaging in bigoted abuse online, as he sees this as a means of combatting P.C., "SJW" culture.

That a venerable publisher like Simon & Schuster sees it fit to lend their imprimatur to such a a figure -- a racist bully -- is alarming in the extreme; it is one more step toward normalizing the worst dregs of humanity that have slithered from the sewers in the Trump era.

Here are three emails to contact Simon & Schuster:

Anonymous said...

Democrats came up with at least one clever strategy at the state level:

Fight said...

Love your work professor wolff.

Have you given any thought into how we can overthrow the racist Jewish religio-ethno-state of Israel?

I am thinking that for our cause to be successful we must first expose Israel as totally illegitimate. Palestine was invade and colonized by mass Jewish immigration and this lead to the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people. The Balfour declaration was what set the creation of Israel in motion and exposing how the English government promised land, that it didn't own, to Rothschild is another wonderful fact that undermines Israel's legitimacy.

Maybe we can hammer through that "jewishness" is a meaningless sociological construct?

Or maybe we can work towards opening Israel's borders to third world immigration? Israel, being a literal nation of immigrants, will become more diverse and this will flush out the more extreme members of the likud party- making them unelectable- and thus hurdling Israel towards being a multicultural democracy like Brazil?

If not, a one state solution could kill Zionism on the spot! which is totally feasible as the democrat party is finally moving to the left on the topic of Israel.

Thanks for your time and may the revolution triumph.

Tom Cathcart said...

Ed, thanks for the info. The gallerypublishing address now fails (hopefully, they took it down because they were being inundated), but the other two got through.

Ed Barreras said...

Tom, you're welcome. If they did disable that email it would indeed be a hopeful sign.

DML said...

Spurred on by this post, I signed up to OurRevolution, then watched their youtube training videos and checked out the site.

The site itself is a crowdsourcing effort to map out every last part of the Democratic party apparatus across all 50 states. One of their immediate goals is to have Bernie Progressives become Precinct Committee Officers (or Precinct Captains in some states). These are the lowest level elected Democratic party officials, and can cover an area as small as a few city blocks. Their main job is to knock on doors in their neighborhood to get out the vote and other foot soldiery things for the party. Most of these positions go unfilled - the video said something like half of Washington state PCOs are unfilled. Many get appointed as no one runs for these positions. In many cases, becoming a PCO is as simple as filing to run before the deadline.

As a PCO you also get to vote for the "next rung up" leaders in your party such as district and county party chairpersons. I had no idea any of this structure existed or how it worked. My guess is that not having people know about this is partly by design.

At any rate, their main effort at the moment seems to be to take over the party as much as possible beginning with the lowest hanging fruit first (PCOs).

After some googling around to see who my PCO is, I found other similar websites that discussed becoming a PCO, but they were for Republicans. These sites were older, and show that Tea Party types have been employing this strategy for years now - with obvious success!

I highly encourage American readers of this blog to contribute to this crowdsourcing site, and look into this group's ground-up strategy. Trump cannot be resisted until the Democratic party is transformed.

Robert Paul Wolff said...

Bravo. This is just the sort of grassroots effort that can transform our politics. I am going to copy your comment and put it up as a post so that every one can see it.