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Saturday, February 25, 2017


David said...
1.  I just returned from a march to, and demonstration at, the office of Congressman Dave Reichert (R-in hiding). At least a thousand people attended, many with the creative signs we've come to expect from this new era of protest. My favorite chant: "Where's Dave? Dave's not here!"

Dave Reichert has been in office since 2004, but this year his district went for Clinton. His refusal to meet with constituents at a town hall is bringing him some much-deserved bad publicity, and with a decent challenger next time, 2018 will mark the end of career in the House.

2. Called the office of Rep. Jayapal to thank her for her work on behalf of immigrants.

3. Attended a meeting of our Neighborhood Action Coalition.

Will said...
1) Donated to Ossoff campaign.
2) Met with Senator Shelby's state political director to discuss concerns.
3) Called local senators and representatives about particular legislation.
Howie wrote, Joined the ACLU.  Felt good.
Signed up for a small monthly donation to John L. Lewis.
Gave some more to Jon Ossoff's campaign.
Called newly elected Democratic NC Governor Roy Cooper, for whom I rang doorbells, and congratulated him on withdrawing efforts to defend NC's hideous voter suppression bill in the courts.
Called Senators Burr and Tillis to protest their support of Trump's new draconian assault on undocumented residents.
 Tom Cathcart said...
Called Rep. Faso's (R) office and asked when his Town Hall would be. The phone-answerer told me that he would be having a "Tele-Town Hall." I asked her to convey my stong disappointment that Rep. Faso would not be meeting with his constituents. A few days later, an org. called Citizens of the Hudson Valley emailed that they would be holding their own Town Hall (tonight) with or without Faso. I emailed a talk show on the local NPR station with the time and place, and they read it on the air. It also engendered five minutes of discussion. Hope to get back from NYC in time to go.

Gave some money to Osoff (GA) and Campoverdi (CA) and Stand Up America.

Moved the ball about two yards down the field in my effort to get our church to take a stand on the refugees. It's now second and eight.
Anonymous Howard said...
Joined the ACLU
Blogger I. M. Flaud said...
Joined the Not My Presidents Day protest on Central Park West, near Trump International Hotel on February 20th, where I found that chanting such things as "we need a leader, not a creepy tweeter!" was not only ego-syntonic, but therapeutic. Contributed to two candidates and one Daily Kos action through Act Blue. Also opened a Twitter account to follow breaking news from journalists covering our descent into autocracy (35% of the population want this--Prof Wolff's question, "What side are you on?" is urgent and serious), rogue federal agency accounts, as well as luminaries like Corey Robin, Sam Wang, etc.  I also sent even more money to my senator's re-election campaign, but didn't mention it for Friday
Blogger DML said...
Attended a local Our Revolution meeting (basically my little suburban town and the adjacent one). We made a plan for upcoming (tomorrow and Monday) health care rallies, and how to connect with other local "Indivisible" groups to pursue larger actions. Side note: between these two suburban communities there are maybe 30,000 people, and I know of at least four different groups that have formed in the last month.
February 24, 2017 at 10:15 AM
Charles Perkins said...
Lurker here!

1. I called my Congressional Representative (Patrick McHenry) and complained about his weekly newsletter's description of Obamacare. (Trying to find different ways to voice the same concern.)
2. The call worked well, so I resolved to reply to his weekly letter with a phone call every week. It won't be hard to find something that ticks me off.
3. Started reading _The Dialectic of Sex_ by Shulamith Firestone in my free time. Will see if I can voice some angry second-wave feminist concerns in class discussion.
4. Convinced my mother (a family nurse practitioner) to call Congress and complain about the plan to repeal Obamacare, too. They wanted me to get off the phone, but they said they would pass her message on to the Congressman.
David said...
1. Joined about a thousand people in a demonstration outside the office of Rep. Dave Reichert (R). Reichert is refusing to hold town hall meetings with his constituents.

2. Called the office of Rep. Jayapal to thank her for her work on behalf of immigrants.

3. Attended a meeting of our Neighborhood Action Coalition.

I increased my monthly donation to the ACLU and did quite a few online petitions.

I was planning on attending "Little Marco's" town hall here in Tampa, but he slithered out of it like the snake in the grass that he is...

Continued my accelerated pace of reading to help understand (I'm not sure it's working, lol!)
DeleteCritton Childers said...
=Sent message "Don't Let Congress Strip Family Planning Funding!" to the following recipients: Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC), Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC), Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC).
=Signed White House petition "Remove Steve Bannon from National Security Council"
=Donated again to North Carolina Democratic Part

Christopher M. said...
* On Wednesday, there was a rally downtown calling on our city to divest from Wells Fargo. I didn't make it to the rally, but I did call one of my city councilmembers to voice my support for the idea.

* Left a message with the North Dakota governor urging him to veto bills that criminalize protest.

* Gave to Stephanie Hansen's campaign (Democrat for State Senate in Delaware)

* Gave to Jon Ossoff's campaign

* Contacted Elizabeth Warren (via thanking her for introducing the Presidential Conflicts of Interest bill

* Emailed Disney's CEO ( asking him to make a public statement against the Muslim ban.

* Signed up for the email list at

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